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In private: Please leave your donation on the counter upon arrival.

If using credit/debit card or android/apple pay must let me know upon booking, we will use my reader prior to play.

In public: Please place the donation in a book, gift bag, birthday card or any other creative discreet way- it’s never sexy to have to ask!

Upon Arrival 

Come in  greet me with a big hug then please proceed to go into the bathroom & wash your hands, pick up one of the cups next to the the  mouth wash use it to rinse your mouth with the mouthwash then please place your cup in the trashcan as soon as your are finished with it. 





Dress Requests

I will arrive dressed tastefully and discreetly.
If you have any requests (example; dress casual, no perfume, etc.) Please send me an email prior to our date. I will do my very best to grant your request(s) within reason.

If you have a specific outfit in mind that I do not own, you are welcome to purchase it for me and I will happily wear it for our date.


I will not discuss anything about money or services via email, via text message, via phone, in person etc. Please When Booking Do Not State I would like to pay you for your time, that will be an automatic denial. Just be casual, cool and Discrete!!!





If at any time the rules are broken you make me feel uncomfortable or you are rough or rude, you will be asked to leave and forfeit your donation!



Please understand that I may have other plans scheduled after our meeting. If you will be running late, please tell me as soon as possible that you may not make it by your scheduled time, so I can try my best to adjust my schedule to accommodate. If not able to accommodate your time will be shortened with no refund.



Hygiene is of the utmost importance to ensure a fun date. Please prepare as if you are going on a date, meeting, or interview. Come freshly showered, shaved, teeth brushed, mouthwash used, & smelling good.

You are more than welcome to use the incall shower to freshen up, I also have toothpaste and mouthwash as well!



$200: non-refundable deposits are required, and can be done via CashApp, Bitcoin, Apple-pay, Android-pay, Credit or Debit card.

50% For FMTY



I do accept and appreciate tasteful reviews 
I would appreciate you write about details such as my reliability, attitude, authenticity, Our time together etc.

** Couples require  90 mins. minimum date time, plus additional fee of +500. I also ask for 2-3 recent references plus ID’s from both parties.**



Last Minute/Same Day Requests

A day’s notice is preferred, due to personal commitments. If you’d like to try me anyway there will be a $100 last minute booking fee, please be mindful that I will still need enough notice to be able to screen you and receive the deposit for last minute - same day appointments. 



I am available to host in a private incall at a 3-5 Star Upscale Hotel, or Airbnb, depending on area.



Outcalls available (90+ mins. Required)- Please add 100 Outcall Fee within 50 miles add 50 for up to an additional 25 miles.


Not to exceed 75 miles, if more than 75 miles please see my DMTY listed below!

3 hour+ dates 

Dates of 3 hours requires a beverage/cocktail either in a private or public setting. 


4 hour + dates

 require a bite to eat, and a beverage/cocktail, whether in a public setting, you (we) cook, or room service/uber eats/delivery.


8 hour+ dates

 Dates of 8 hours or more require 1 meal, 1 snack, and a beverage/cocktail.



 This is an additional $1500 added to any and all packages  non-refundable deposits are required, this can be done via CashApp, Bitcoin, Apple-pay, Android-pay, Credit or Debit card.



 Deposits are non-refundable. Rescheduling by applying to a future date of your choice (subject to availability) may be possible, depending. Must be claimed during the next travel date.



Cancellation Fees 

5-7 days: 25% of engagement

3-4 days: 50% of engagement

24-48 hours: 75% of engagement

Less than 24-hours: 100% of  engagement


Fantasy Roleplay/Cosplay - $200

Add an aditional $200 to all packages for any and all fantasy roleplay, including Toys For Boys(you must proivde equipment)!


Tell Me What's Your Fantasy?

I absolutely love to get dressed up & role play! I own a variety of different cosplay lingerie so just let me know what and who you need me to be...... Add an aditional $200 to all packages for any and all fantasy roleplay

Fly Me to You/Drive Me To You Dates

$7500(Excludes the cost of the flight) - 13  of the best mind blowing passionate hours of our lives!


A minimum of 1 weeks notice is appreciated






(1-5 hours away) 7500-  Requires full tank of gas,

***See Below For More Details.


4 to 6- hours of uninterrupted sleep is required for meetings  12+ hours overnight or longer

(depending on time of our rendezvous) If Rendezvous starts in the morning then sleep is required.


I require 1-2 hours of personal time per day, to ensure I am feeling refreshed and at my best for you!


50% deposit is required to secure our date


Expenses that are not included (These are extra): First Class or Delta One airline tickets/Full tank of gas to get to you & full tank of gas to get back, hotel accommodation if needed, Uber/Cab fair if needed,  any meals and activities/ shopping that we do together!


To protect my privacy, I will book my own flight ticket

 ​​​I am currently offering Duo's with KLN Nikki!

Visit my consideration's page to learn more about my solos packages and our duo's packages!

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