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Choose an add on

  • Sexy Photo

    Every month
    One sexy photo a week
    • You will receive one sexy nude photo a week
  • Naughty Video

    Every month
    Once a month Naughty Fun
    • You will receive a new naughty video every month!
  • Fantasy Role Play

    Tell Me What's Your Fantasy?
    • Tell Me Who, & What You Need & Want Me To Be!?
  • My Sexy Worn Panties

    Every month
    1 pair of worn panties a month
    • You will receive 1 pair of my worn panties
  • Greek

    Come visit Greece
    • This is an add only (may not be purchased alone).
  • Stripper Slide

    Amazingly Wet & Erotic Slipper Slide
    • Sexy Stripper Slide Added To Our Amazing Experience.
  • Let's Make a Movie!

    Let's Make a Movie Together!
    • We will make a movie with my camera once it has been edited
    • I will send you your digital version that is yours to keep.
  • Toys For Boys

    I Love Pegging, How About You?
    • I will provide the equipment and lubrication, unless you
    • prefer to bring your own.
  • Exquisite Girlfriend

    Weekend Get Together
    • You Get To Have A Sexy Goddess For Your Girlfriend, let's
    • Go to the movies together, picnic in the park, shopping,
    • Take a cooking class together, Go shopping, stay in and talk
    • Let's go to an amusement park, hiking, stay in and cuddle,
    • Watch t.v., Let's play video games together,
    • Let's make magic happen,
  • Keep Me For A Month

    You Get To Have An Upscale Beautiful Girlfriend
    • For a Whole month I am all yours, I come passport in hand
    • Completely ready to take on the world with you for a whole
    • Month, laughing, cuddling, talking, kissing, touching, just
    • Letting go and indulging into each other's deepest fantasies
    • Connecting in ways, that is absolutely erotic, passionate, &
    • Mind blowing. An experience you will not receive with any
    • other woman out there.
  • Your Sexy Dominatrix

    I will dominate & own you as my sex slave!
    • Whips, pegging, outfit requests, blindfolds, humiliation,
    • Leg Spreader, games, collars, spitting, handcuffs,
    • & 2 keepsake photos from our rendezvous!
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